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GM Part 5: A timely look at Sounders' goal 1-A, winning Champions League

"As a GM I think you can drive yourself nuts in trying to win in a particular year or this way or that point. I think you have to broadly be as good as you can in as many areas as possible and get as many details as possible right and then put your team in the best position to succeed.

"One thing that I want to speak to though, is to take nothing away from the Supporters’ Shield: It’s a tremendous achievement and it denotes the champion in many more countries that it doesn’t. But we live in America, and America recognizes the champion at the end of the playoffs. So there’s one notion that I do want to dispel

is what our primary goal is: Our primary goal is to win the MLS Cup. It is to win the championship that is the championship that’s recognized all over our country. And I feel absolutely not shame or remorse or guilt for saying that I live in the United States and we’re going to have American goals for our American club here in Seattle. If there’s a segment of the audience that doesn’t’ agree with it, so be it. And certainly we’d like to win the Supporters’ Shield as well. But the regular-season championship is that: It’s the regular-season championship.

"And it has the benefit of getting you into the Champions League, but we as I said, we need to win MLS Cup, and as I said Goal 1A after MLS Cup is to win Champions League, because if you want to be a global brand, you have to play meaningful games against Chelsea or Manchester United. You want to play them for trophies, not friendlies. The only way to do that is by winning champions league."

Saturday: The series concludes with Lagerwey discussing if there's any difference in assembling a club to win MLS Cup as opposed to winning Supporters Shield.