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GM Part 6: Is an MLS Cup roster built differently than a Supporters' Shield-winning one?

The Sounders won their first Supporters Shield last season, yes new general manager Garth Lagerwey arrives at the club with the firm top goal of bringing its first MLS Cup. So, the obvious question: Is there any difference in building for one goal than from the other?

Lagerwey's response:

"I think you’ve got to have some players who can make a difference in big moments. And to be fair, I think you have those players in place.

"The attorney in me revolts against saying this, but there’s some luck involved. It depends if you’re healthy, it depends who’s playing well at the time, if you’re firing on all cylinders at the time, what’s your form as a team.

"And look, you can do things during the season to prioritize what your goals are. If you say MLS Cup is our goal and Championship League is Goal 1-A, then by definition, Supporters Shield is goal No. 3. So then you may make some lineup choices in certain games in certain situations where you prioritize the longer-term goal over that shorter term. You can do things like that.

"But to your point, can I control who has a tap-in with 20 minutes left in the conference final? I can’t. And you never will be able to. And you can’t lose sleep over that stuff. Again you’ve got to try to put as many things in place as you can to maximize your chances."

And that concludes the six parts from that preseason interview. The other five can be found below.

Meanwhile, we'll pick up with the club this afternoon in Tucson, in time for their 7 p.m. Desert Diamond Cup match with Sporting Kansas City at Tucson.