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Okoli wanted out; Sounders accommodated

Okoli will face his old team for the first time on Wednesday, when the Sounders and Revs meet in the third leg of the Desert Diamond Cup in Tucson, Arizona.

Here's some of what they had to say today.

OKOLIOn the trade: I had to take a look at my options at the end of the season. When New England came around I was very excited to get a fresh start. I did everything I could to get a trade. So I’m just glad it worked out. I’m happy to be here.

On why he wanted to leave: I just felt like it wasn’t the right spot for me at my time in my career. So I would rather move somewhere else. Maybe things can be different.

I felt like New England is a great opportunity for me. I have to get more games in just to grow as a player.

On why he doubted that would happen in Seattle: I kind of started noticing when I wasn’t getting much regular field time. So I was frustrated. I had to keep working, but at the end of the season when options came, I did everything I could to explore them, and I’m glad everything worked out.

On New England' quality and why playing time might come easier there: Nothing is easy in this league, but I think if I work had, continue to grow in training, I feel like I’ll get more opportunites here. I’m just doing everything I can, and it’s up to Coach to make the decision.

On moving cross country as a 22-year-old: It’s not too bad. I’ve been traveling since high school. Some things are new to me, but the guys are helping me out, getting adjusted, so it’s been good.

SCHMIDOn trading a homegrown player: We were really doing things more for Sean – for his wishes. We were at a situation where his contractual situation was one with the CBA coiming up and everything else that we weren’t able to do the way it was written. We offered him basically the same contract as New England ended up offering him. He didn’t want to sign that contract with us, so we said, hey, if there’s a team that wants you we’ll move you and give you the opportunity to play. We don’t’ want to hold anybody hostage who doesn’t want to be there. So it was more an opportunity for him to get the opportunity that he felt he needed to get at this point that he didn’t necessarily think that he was going to get with us.