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Schmid discusses 2-1 loss to Revolution; assesses some of the new guys

Here's what coach Sigi Schmid had to say tonight after the Sounders fell to 1-1-1 in the Desert Diamond Cup with a 2-1 loss to the New England Revolution:

Overview: It was good. We got to play a lot of guys 90s. I thought we played well when we were at even numbers. I thought when we got a number up when they got the red card we didn’t possess the ball as much as we needed to. We were a little bit impatient at times. But still, we had enough chances to win the game, before the – I don’t know – I thought we had a penalty at the other end of the field and he calls a penalty at that end of the field. Either call them both or don’t call them, but we have nobody to blame but ourselves, because we could have won the game with the changes that we had.

On if 11-on-11 would have been better preparation: Yeah you always prefer 11 on 11. … It is preseason and the referee can say, hey, take this guy off the field because otherwise I’ve got to red card him, and I think as coaches we’d respect that and take the guy off the field and bring somebody else on.

On the new faces in the lineup: Just want to get guys into the rhythm of playing week to week and we’re establishing that. We wanted to push guys 90 minutes, we didn’t want the first 90 minutes to be when they play the first league game. And also it gave us a good chance to look at Correa over a full game. Zach got 90. We wanted to have a comparison with Ockford and Lowe, we wanted to see how Fisher would do. So it gave us a chance to look at all those players.

On Correa: Correa gets beat on the goal, where he allows the ball to get inside of him, but I think he’s a good player. I think he had more good moments than other moments, And he’s certainly a creative player. He’s a good player coming forward, and he’s good with the ball, and he can help us that way.

On Roldan: His game is getting better. He’s getting caught less with the ball. I thought he made some good passes. A couple of times guys didn’t read his pass early enough. But I think he’s playing better and better.

On if Saturday will be more dress rehearsal for regular season: We’ll play the group that will probably play the following week, for the most part. There might still be some changes. These guys – even though they played here on Wednesday – they can be available as subs for Saturday. Again, we don’t want to have anybody get injured, but we want to make sure we play.