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Schmid discusses first S2 signings

Sounders 2 announced its first two signings today: Gambian midfielder Amadou Sanyang and former Sounders FC Academy midfielder Duncan McCormick.

Here's what first-team coach Sigi Schmid had to say about the signings, and about how much input he has on S2 personnel:

We talk all the time. Ezra watches our games, they send us videos of their games and we watch their games as well, so I saw their game against Washington and their intersquads or against the Academy as well. Those were guys we talked about Sangyang is a guy who is obviously familiar with Seattle. He’s been in the area before, so we thought we need sort of an experienced player, a little bit of an anchor there that you can hold onto. And Duncan was an academy kid who didn’t want to go to college – had some college offers and situations for him. We didn’t think he was quite ready for our team and a contact there. He’s done really well, and Ezra’s been really happy with what he’s done at training, so it’s good because that’s exactly the alternative route that we want to present to kids: that if they don’t want to go to college that this is another route to get into our first team.