Sounders Insider

Sounders work while still "waiting to hear"

"We’re staying on the same scheduled and waiting to hear," coach Sigi Schmid said.

They're "waiting to hear" of course, word on the ongoing collective bargaining between the players union and MLS. Representing the Sounders at those negotiations in Washington, D.C., is Brad Evans, the longtime midfielder who this season has been converting to center back. Schmid was asked what his time away would do to his status for the opener.

"Obviously for this first weekend all the teams are looking at their reps who have been gone this week: How much training time have they missed?," Schmid said. "It might affect things, but I won’t know until we know when he’s coming back."

The Sounders trained on a sunny morning at Starfire, including some full-field work.

"We just worked a little on the defending part, just being patient when a team has the ball back there, and when we want to step up and cut off the field type of thing," Schmid said. "It was just something that we needed to work on, but the main work that we wanted to accomplish today was just our defensive recovery and working on the shifting and sliding a little bit in a very elementary fashion and get them just to recover at speed. That was the main part of it, and going into the 10v10 we got a little bit done."

The Sounders are scheduled to be off Thursday before returning to training Friday.