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Schmid's opening comments on 3-0 win

That's his opening statement up there. And below is a little more from the coach:

On Dempsey/Martins: The stuff that they pull off is unique and special. I think our fans here are seeing something very unique and special when they see them play together. And I thought it too them a little bit of time to get into their rhythm, but afterward I thought they were good. They’re just so dangerous individually, and then collectively it makes it hard for centerbacks because you’re not sure when to step up, who to step up to, because they take turns dropping into that hole.Tone) We want to continue to play well. We want to do as well as last year, but we want to do better. We all know what we want to do better at, so I’m not going to keep mentioning that.

On Stefan Frie's 39th-minute save: That was a world-class save, the one he made going down to his right, and at a very key point in the game. It’s so much harder as a goalkeeper to play for a good team. Because when you play for a team that’s not so good, if you make eight saves and you take two goals, you look like a superstar. But when you’re playing for a good team and you maybe face only three shots that are dangerous, you’ve got to come up with three saves. That’s a lot harder. And making saves at key moments in games are what separate truly outstanding goalkeepers from the rest of the pack. And tonight I thought he came up with a world-class save at a very key moment of the game for us.