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Mears talks about Sounders debut

Here's a bit from Tyrone Mears tonight after his Sounders' debut

On his assist: It’s a part of my game. I like to attack on the right occasions, and when I do I like to get that good cross in. I think when you’ve got strikers like Clint and Oba, they want the ball in the box. They do fantastic work ourside the box, but they do the damage inside the box, and it’s important for the wide guys to get the ball to them.

On the crowd: It was fantastic. I said it was the reason why I came to the MLS. I was asked the question by Fox yesterday, why did I come to the MLS? To play in front of these fans. It’s a fantastic experience. It’s like going to places like Old Trafford, Anfield. You look forward to playing against those teams, but to play in front of those fans and hear the atmosphere and that’s the way it is here in this stadium.