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Dempsey, Oba talk about their combinations

Sounders open with a 3-0 win over New England. Clint Dempsey had two goals, one assisted by Obafemi Martins. Martins had one goal, one assisted by Dempsey.

Here they are talking about their combinations:

OBA on his assist: I think, yeah, I can do it, but Clint is there. So I just played it and scored so we can win. IT was me and the goalkeeper one on one, so I don’t want to risk. (The pass from Pappa) was a good pass.

DEMPSEY on Oba: He’s one of the players who I’ve enjoyed playing with the most in my career. It reminds me of being a kid, of playing pick-up style. We think alike, know that if you make the right move, he’s going to find you.

More from Dempsey:

On the penalty: “It was a good cross that came in. I was surprised that it went all the way to me and I tried to set myself up for a right shot but that got blocked, so I tried to cut back and get it on my left but then it looked it didn’t have much going that way. So I tried to spin and get myself in position to get out of the people that were marking me and try to get a shot off. I got kicked in my heel and the ref called a penalty. Anytime you can go up 1-0 early at home it always gets the crowd behind even more so and I thought we continued to try and press and try to play our game. We’re still trying to get a bit of that rust out. I think there’s still some things that we can work on but I think that’s a good baseline, a good start for the season and now it’s about building on that and moving forward.”

On the chemistry with Martins compared to last year:“I think it’s even better because we have each other’s back. We try to give each other good looks in game so that we can get each other goals and get each other assists so we showed that we can both be unselfish and both create opportunities for each other. And I think that’s what it’s about, just having somebody there that’s grinding it out with you that plays a similar style as you. Obviously, you’ve got to give credit to the whole team because the whole team makes everything work, but it is special to play with a player like Oba.”

More from Martins:On playing with Tyrone Mears: “It’s all about understanding. We did preseason together so I understand how he crosses the ball and everything, so lucky for us today. He crossed the ball real well, I made my own movement and I scored. This is what we’ve been doing since started preseason so we’re happy today that we won.” On the pass from Marco Pappa: “That was a good pass. He sold me way before he took the ball and he gave me a good pass and I gave it to Clint and he finished up so well.” On chemistry with Clint Dempsey compared to last year: “This is what we’ve (been) doing since last year, same thing in preseason. We’ve never stopped doing our thing but at the end of the day we did very well as a team and we’re very happy (with the three points.”