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Schmid on ideal CB ... and how Evans fits now

"Looking for a guy who’s comfortable with the ball," Schmid said. "Looking for a guy who is able to talk and organize. Looking for a guy who can defend one-on-one against good, quick players and do a good job defensively in crucial moments like that. Somebody who can hold our line where it needs to be held."

On if that's Brad Evans: He’s the guy for right now. Like I said, it’s something that six, seven games in we’ll be able to tell. But I thought he did more things right than he did otherwise, and I thought it was a good opening performance. He knows there are things he has to improve upon. Example: When you’re a forward heading the ball,

it’s different than when you’re a defender heading the ball, which is different from a midfielder heading the ball; so you’ve got to get adjustments there. The flight of the ball is different. The guy you’re challenging is a different type of individual. All those little nuances that you’re still building upon. He won’t be the complete center back until probably the beginning of next season.