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Schmetzer's take on Sounders' 3-2 loss to Quakes

First assistant Brian Schmetzer coached the Sounders tonight in their 3-2 loss to San Jose, filling in for Sigi Schmid, who was attending his son's wedding.

Here's some of what Schmetzer had to say after the match:

On the thought of pulling Brad Evans:“It was going through our mind, but he is the captain of our team, he is an important part of the team, he’s a tremendous soccer player and a tremendous human being; so I don’t think, if I were second-guessing myself, we wouldn’t have done the same thing, but it did cross my mind. You give veteran guys a little bit of leeway, and he is certainly a veteran guy and certainly the captain of our team.” On the early goal:“Sometimes when you score that early goal it makes things difficult because the other team gets fired up and your team lets off the gas a little bit, but obviously it was a good start. If I had to ask do I want to score early or do I not, well I would I say I would take the goal. We just weren’t able to hold on to that lead for a long enough time to change the game in our favor.” On the offense:“[It was] hit and miss. I don’t really think we had a ton of clean chances until the (Obafemi Martins’) goal. I think after that everyone got a little more inspired. It’s always hard to play a match when you go up a man, certainly down a goal and up a man made things even more difficult.” On Brad Evans’ struggles: “I don’t think Lamar (Neagle) had a particular good game, either. It’s just one of those things where you take a look at a player—see them in practice, you see them in games—and if they’re not performing up to a level, because they are all human, then you make changes and you bring a guy on who might be able to do the job. Brad is a great soccer player and my gut said ‘Let’s keep him in there.’” On Chris Wondolowski:“He certainly is a great player—he showed you on that first goal—he was able to chest the ball down and smash it in. So he is certainly a really, really terrific MLS player. He showed his class tonight.” On Cristian Roldan:“[He was] very good, very good—you saw what he does. He is a sturdy guy and he can shield the ball, he turns quick, he can play and move. Some of the balls he put in were decent crosses, so I was very pleased with him, very happy. He’s got a bright future.” On managing the team“Sure, it’s like driving a Ferrari—I should say Mercedes because I am German.”