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Tacoma Stars immortal Preki back in Northwest with USL champ Sacramento Republic

SacRepFCMLS and Tacoma Stars legend Preki will be back in the Northwest this weekend as coach of Sacramento Republic FC, defending USL champions and inaugural opponent of Sounders 2 on Saturday at Starfire.

Here's some of what Preki had to say in a phone interview in advance of the match:

On his time with the Tacoma Stars: Those days meant a lot to me. Obviously I still have a lot of people – a lot of friends – up there. I have a lot of family up there. I’m always excited to go back up there and see those people. Tacoma has played a big part in my development and in my career. So I always loved the place and I always feel close to that place.

On the big USL changes over the offseason: Good changes. Obviously

quite a few MLS teams decided to join the league and to put their second teams in the league. I just think the level of the USL and the playing is going to get better. We’re excited for that.

On the new arrangement benefitting MLS, too: Teams can send the players and they can give them games, games that they don’t get regularly on MLS. Of course this is going to help everybody.

On the differences between USL and MLS: Obviously the level is different. The athletic ability is different. That’s the major difference. The tempo of the games is also different. So what we’re trying to do is teach these young players to play at the faster tempo, so if they get the opportunity to play at the next level they can cope with the pace of the game.