Sounders Insider

Schmid talks S2, and view from the stands

Sounders FC coach Sigi Schmid watched the S2 USL debut from the Starfire stands Saturday. Some of his thoughts as a coach and a fan:

Overall: The S2 game during the weekend was great. How much better was than a reserve-team game? Just from the atmosphere, from the effort that’s got to be put in, the meaningfulness of the game. I think that was great. There were a lot of guys who grew up in that game.

On S2 standout performances: It was just a team effort. It was just everybody together and different people stepping up at different times. Obviously it was good for Damion Lowe and Jimmy Ockford to get 90 minutes back there as a central defensive pair. We’re the ones who held the minutes a little bit on Fisher because we knew we were going to play him tomorrow night as well. It was good to see Remick get 90 minutes. Roldan we held his minutes as well because he’s going to play a lot of minutes tomorrow night. Good to see Victor Mansaray get 90 minutes a really put in a really good shift, really good work rate and so forth. Along with the other guys: the Cravens and the Rossis. Sam Garza had a great impact off the bench.

On sitting among the fans: It was good. I was right next to the announcer, so I heard everything very clearly whenever he was announcing lineups and goals. It was nice. It’s enjoyable to be a fan. I don’t get a chance to do that often enough. Some of the things you realize: You can show up early, sit down, you can have a beer and pizza and enjoy the ambiance and sit up there. It was great to see. I’ve got to be a little quiet because people around me can overhear me say certain things, and they say ‘I wonder if he’s going to tell that to Ezra afterwards.’ But I thought it was a great moment for Ezra. I wanted it to be his moment, I didn’t want to be in his locker room. Obviously afterward I went in there and I talked to some of the guys in the locker room. I talked to Era and congratulated him. But I thought they did a great job coming up. It was a tough opponent: defending league champions. It’s good.