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Schmid discusses Sounders draw with Tijuana

That's his opening statement above.

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On if a game with so many reserves can actually help prepare for CCL:“Obviously there are some guys who didn’t play tonight because of injury concerns, so we held them out. When you get into those stretch of games you have to rotate your squad a little bit, so it gives you an opportunity to see who can step up to that level of competition, who can hold his own. I thought Aaron Kovar had some really good moments in the game tonight, I thought Cristian Roldan played well tonight in the wide right and middle of the midfield, I thought Andy Rose came off the bench [and did well]. We wanted to keep guys who we knew were playing in Dallas around 45 minutes, 60 at the max. I thought Oniel had a good stint at right back for us. Those are going to be guys who will be important as you move forward into that rotation, because they are either going to be playing in CCL or they are going to be playing in MLS games, so you want to know they can do the business.” On the club's ability to perform at a high level:“I have good confidence in this team, I have good confidence in every guy we put on the field. For them, it helps their confidence to step onto the field and do well. Obviously Tijuana doesn’t have a game this weekend because of the international window, and as a result they probably played their starters more minutes than they would have had they had a game this weekend, so it was a really good test for our guys.”