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Xolos coach: Game intense, leaving happy

CLUBtijuanaHere's some of what Club Tijuana coach Daniel Guzman had to say tonight after his club's 2-2 draw at Sounders FC (translated from Spanish): On the match:“It was as very intense game. We had a hard time in the first few minutes, but then I made some changes and they made a result and that’s how we were able to turn the game around and get two goals ahead. Then the game balances a little bit, but I liked the way that we played and I’m very proud.”

On the objective of this game and how it’s useful for playing in the league back home:“For the players, it’s actually more fun to play games than to train so it was good for them. For me it was good to see players that I don’t usually see on the regular schedule and to try new things so we don’t become predictable. Then we can apply that back when we go play against Monterrey.” On if they’re leaving CenturyLink Field happy:“Yes, we’re leaving very happy. We liked the game that both teams played. I leave very happy about the players that I got to see and the game that I got to see them play.” On it being a physical game for a friendly match:“You know it’s always a very intense game and a rivalry between Mexican teams and U.S. teams, but it was not anything we did with bad intentions. It was just the intensity of the game.” On if the climate affected Tijuana playing on the back side to start the game:“No, I think the first few minutes was about not being able to find ourselves on the field, but after I made some tactical modifications, we were able to overcome that. Then the team performed better on the field.” On if there were any injuries or if everyone is okay after the game:“Everybody is okay.”