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More Sounders tales from traffic nightmare

FREI: I got from my house to the Western hotel, five blocks took 45 minutes. I thought, ‘I’ve got to park the car.’ … I got a couple of tweets. They were like, ‘Oh, we just saw Frei run past us.’ It was a bit embarrassing. I’m actually lucky they let me into the stadium, because I came in through the north side and I had to go through security and they were like, ‘Slow down;’ and I’m like, ‘I’m a player, please let me in.’ … Brad (Evans) was nice enough to give me a ride (back to my car after the game). (The run to the stadium) was about as much running as a goalkeeper should be doing. That’s why I chose that position, right?

SCHMID: "I heard (Chad) Barrett walked from KeyArena to CenturyLink – which is a good warmup, it might not have helped his game. I didn’t have any traffic adventures because I came early. I know my wife said she came across the 520 in like 10 minutes and it took her an hour and 15 to get from there to CenturyLink once she had crossed over. So I guess it was difficult for a few people. I know the club made the decision early to push the game back at least 15 minutes, and I think that helped some people get there, which was important.

On if anyone was late enough where he was worried about his roster: We had a couple of guys stuck in things. They had to be in by 5:30. Most of them were in by 5:30. There was the Barrett exception and so forth. It was mostly the guys who actually live in the city that had the most difficult time.

On if he's experienced anything similar before: We had it before when there was an accident on the 90 coming across. (Fredy) Montero got caught in it; (Osvaldo) Alonso and a few guys. It was a regular game or a Champions League game or something, and they woudn’t push back the start time or anything like that, so we were scrambling to get guys on the field.