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Schmid reviews young players from S2, friendly

On Saturday, Sounders 2 made its USL debut with a 4-2 win over Sacramento. And on Tuesday, the Sounders first team played to a 2-2 draw over Club Tijuana.

Because of liberal substitution rules for both games, 17 players appeared for S2 while 18 appeared against the Mexican club. Oneil Fisher, Darwin Jones, Jimmy Ockford, Dylan Remick, Damion Lowe, Cristian Roldan, Aaron Kovar and Victor Mansaray appeared in both.

Sounders FC coach Sigi Schmid took in the S2 game from the stands and the Tijuana game from the sideline. Afterward, he was asked who caught his eye from among the group of players fans haven’t gotten much chance to see.

His take:

I think there are quite a few guys our fans haven’t seen a lot. Oneil Fisher continued to play well: He’s very steady. Dylan Remick is getting back to the form that he had at the beginning of last year when he played very well for us. Damion Lowe and Jimmy Ockford – although they played less minutes – I thought that they had a very good game with S2 over the weekend, and those guys are definitely coming along and making strides. Cristian Roldan continues to grow all the time for us. I think Kovar had a good game until his legs got to him a little bit and got fatigued and tired. And he’s such a fit guy, but he’s so intense that sometimes that intensity stresses the body and takes some energy away from him at times. And Darwin Jones is a guy who’s still coming. I think it’s taken him a while to adjust to the speed of play, making decisions a little bit earlier. But he had a couple of good moments. He got behind on the right side there behind their defense, and he’ll continue to grow as well.