Sounders Insider

Frei on young guys: 'You see why they're here'

Here's a little more Sounders' reaction from their scoreless draw at FC Dallas:

Goalkeeper STEFAN FREIOn tonight's game...A clean sheet is definitely good, and I thought the other positive to take from it is we stayed patient through the game. Sometimes, when you're up a man, you push for that goal so hard you get a little bit out of control, and I think that would have played into their hand because they've got pace up top that could have been quite dangerous. We were really patient, which is good, and able to carve out a couple of chances. Unfortunately, we weren't able to put them away, but overall, good game. Defensively, in the run of play, I don't think they had but one good chance, other than that nothing.

On the new faces in tonight's lineup...It’s great. You see some guys getting their first professional starts, first professional appearances, and you see why they're here. They're here for a reason. We don't have guys on the squad just as fillers, they're all here for a reason, and I think it's a positive that we can take home and it's going to help us build the rest of the season in case someone does go down we have that quality to fill in the spots and the quality isn't going to drop.

Central defender BRAD EVANSOn tonight's game...I think, overall, something that we can build off of. It would have been different if we wouldn't have created any chances, it wouldn't be as positive, but early on in the season the mindset changes and it's a good point on the road and we put that in our back pocket and move to the home game next week. If it's an end of the year game and we're fighting, we've obviously got to throw forward. So the dynamic changes, tactics change, where you're at in the season, personnel, things like that. Overall, happy with the performance. Kept it to zero, most important thing. At the end of the day, we had chances to win and that's the bottom line.

On the new faces in tonight's lineup...It's difficult to get your first start in MLS in your first year, in the third game, away from home, against the best team in the league right now. Roldan did very well, held possession for us, pushed forward, worked hard defensively. You can't ask for anything more. As he gets his feet underneath him, the game gets easier and slows down a little bit, you'll see better things form him. Mansaray almost got his first assist so there's something to be said about the young guys coming in and making a statement in the game against Tijuana. They showed that they could do it at a high level so they're rewarded with play.