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One point gained, or two points lost?

You could make the case that it was a good draw for the SOunders, who played without five key players on the road against a previously unbeaten and untied opponent. But you could also make the case it was a bad draw, since Dallas also was without key players and went most of the way playing a man down.

So, we asked coach Sigi Schmid which way he saw it.

"You can look at different things," he said. "Like I said after the game, playing a man down doesn’t really change their game because they look to draw fouls. Sometimes it’s ridiculous the way guys go down. In one case the player was smiling as he’s laying on the ground, knowing that he drew a foul. So they play for those free kicks. They still have Castillo up front with his speed. We need to do a better job of spreading the field with the ball, and I think we did a better job of that in the second half, and that’s where we created more opportunities. And the end of the day we had four really good looks. There was Barrett’s breakaway, Barrett’s header, the one that Azira scooped over the back line for him, and there was Andy Rose’s run to the near post. … You’ve got to score one of those, and then the game falls in your favor. But I was happy we got a shutout. We were missing players. Everybody misses guys – that’s not unusual. But when you miss guys down the middle of the field … when you look at our misses, four of them come right in the middle of the field. It’s easier to replace outside guys than inside guys. But I thought the team battled and did well. It’s a difficult field to play. I thought there was an interesting comment by Tyrone Mears who said he’s rather play on Astroturf than play on that field. He thought that field was harder than the turf field. Their field – it doesn’t look like it on TV – but their field is rock hard. So that impacts it as well."