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Schmid breaks down 1-0 win over Houston

Above is Sigi Schmid's opening statement after the Sounders' 1-0 win over Houston.

Below, more from Schmid:

On Chad Marshall and Osvaldo Alonso returning:“Obviously those guys are important. (Chad) Marshall helped us today, especially against a team like that, with his heading. Ozzie has such good instincts when he sits deep in midfield—he reads the play really well, he is quick to anticipate and react… In the second half when he was running out of gas he almost gets a goal. Those two guys, and Oba and Clint’s returns, certainly made a big difference for us.” On the lineup:“It was good, even though we were running out of midfielders, then (Gonzalo) Pineda gets the red, and I know I have to take Ozzie out. So we put (Andy) Rose into the middle of the midfield, so in retrospect we should have put (Cristian) Roldan on the bench as well, but that was a decision we made earlier based on what we thought we would need. It was good to have the whole team available.” On Dylan Remick's start:“I thought Remick played well today. He was good, he was aggressive, I thought he did a good job. His confidence has grown again this year. I think Andres (Correa) is a very talented player, but he is also adjusting to defending a little bit, and I think Remick is ahead of him defensively and Andres is ahead of him offensively because he can certainly do good things going forward. Remick is a little bit ahead of him, so that’s why we came in with Remick today.” On emphasizing the backline:“We went to five in the back. We were talking about do we shove Evans into the midfield and keep it like a 4-4-1 which we could have done, and Leo (Gonzalez) came in later, but I didn’t want to make Dempsey play as a wide midfielder. We decided to stay with the five in the back and allow (Tyrone) Mears and Remick to be able to push out wider when their centerbacks were sent forward, so that was the idea behind it. Again, I thought it made us solid in the air with the crosses that came.” On Gonzalo Pineda’s ejection:“I haven’t seen the replay so I can’t say for sure. The referee says he came in with his studs, so if he came in with his studs it’s similar to Acosta’s card the week before, so there are really no arguments there. It was a game where we had to roll up our sleeves a little bit because they had (David) Horst, brought in Will Bruin, so now all of a sudden you have some big targets in the air, so that was the reason why we made some of the decisions we did.” On field adjustments after the ejection:“I think normally we don’t have to change a whole lot, so sometimes when you go a man down we will play a 4-3-2, and Oba and Dempsey will drop in. Knowing we had to take out Ozzie and we lost Pineda, that’s two central midfielders, it changes. Say Neagle got the red card and you still have Ozzie and Pineda, I would probably play more of a 4-3-2, but it just made more sense to me to strengthen the back and absorb the pressure.” On starting Alonso rather than subbing:“In this situation we felt that he was at least 45 minutes fit, so I think it’s a lot easier for him to warm up and start the game and just prepare than to come in off the bench and somehow he suffered a setback, we would have to burn another sub. So we said let’s go ahead and start him and if something goes wrong, then we can make the sub and he came through, from an injury perspective, very well.” On Stefan Frei: “We’re always worried a little bit when he gets kicked there because he had a broken leg, and he’s pretty bruised. You can see some cleat marks—the guy got him pretty good. He felt he could keep going; when you’re in a game like that the adrenaline takes over, and he will probably be really sore and limping around tomorrow, but he was able to carry through.”