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Alonso, Remick, Mears weigh in on win

Midfielder OSVALDO ALONSOOn his first start of 2015:"I’m happy. It’s been a long time since I’ve played. To win this game, even with 10 men, I feel so happy. I can’t describe this moment for me."

On playing an extra 10 minutes than expected:“[Sigi] asked me after halftime, and I said, ‘I’m feeling good.’ And then after Gonzalo went off with the red card, I had to keep playing. But I was happy to play 70 minutes...It’s tough when you can’t play, but I feel happy. I’m ready to play again."

On how he feels:"I feel good. I’m tired, but it’s getting better. I hope next week I can play 90 minutes."

​On the match:"The game is always a battle. We play physical. Unfortunately we got a red card, and we had to figure out a way to play a man down. But we did that, so I’m happy for the result, and I’m really happy to come back."

Defender DYLAN REMICKOn his first start of 2015:“It’s fun to be playing with the guys out in CenturyLink, participating and helping out the team, doing whatever it takes to get the W. It was enjoyable for sure.”

On playing with five men in the back:“It’s just one of those things where you take it as it comes. Everybody has played with five in the back, three in the back, so it’s really not that big of a deal. It doesn’t really change the role, we are just trying to get keep the ball out of the net, especially with 10 men.”

On how the defense responded after the ejection:“I thought everyone was great. They didn’t really get any clear-cut opportunities or great goal scoring chances, which is really good. It’s obviously not the prettiest soccer when you’re playing down a man… I think everyone held tough really well, the team stayed together and we all fought for each other.”​

Right back TYRONE MEARSOn playing a man down:“It’s very, very difficult to maintain that for pretty much the second half. It shows we can play the ugly game and we can fight. From a defensive point of view, I was very happy with that. It shows that if we go a man down, we can still win the game. Coming off the pitch we felt very happy.”

On his knee injury:“Yeah, it was an annoying one. I overstretched and landed on it funny – just a knock, I am good.”

On moving forward from the back:“It’s what the coach wanted when I came here. They said it was a fantastic opportunity of going forward, a lot of attacking plays, but we got to improve the other side defensively, and we are working hard on that. Not just the backline, the whole team.”