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Schmid recalls EJ's "great job" with Sounders

Sounders coach Sigi Schmid was asked today what he remembers about Johnson and his legacy with the Sounders, and about his legacy is this is the end of the line for him as a player.

"I hope it’s not the end of the line," Schmid said. "I know heart conditions, and enlarged hearts are something that athletes have. Arrhythmia is something that I’m very familiar with – I know how that goes. We’ve had players here who have had arrhythmias and have been able to take care of it and continue to play. But certainly Eddie in his years here, I thought did a great job. His first year was fantastic.

His second year was maybe a little more in and out, but he was still a quality player. I wish Eddie nothing but the best. I texted him the other day and asked him how things were going and got an update. So I sort of had an idea this might be a possibility."