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Sounders: Six goals, but only two goal-scorers

GOALScorersOf the eight Major League Soccer teams that have scored six of more goals this season, all but one also have at least four goal-scorers.

The exception is Seattle Sounders FC, whose six goals have come from just two players: forwards Clint Dempsey and Obafemi Martins.

Early in the week, coach Sigi Schmid downplayed the issue as much as a matter of media over-concern as an actual team concern.

“Some other guys score, that would be great,” Schmid said. “It would take the pressure off certainly. But if other guys were getting the goals and DPs weren’t scoring you’d be asking my how come your DPs aren’t scoring or why aren’t your forwards scoring. As long as we’re scoring as a team more goals than the opponents are scoring, I’m happy. I don’t care who scores the goals.”

However, today Schmid added that he's ready for some more players to join the party.

“Being very frank we need to get more from our wingers,” he said. “We need to get more production. We need to get more production from Neagle. He hasn’t had a good start to the season. But he’s a competent player. And we need to get the same from Marco. We need him to get on the scoresheet as well, with goals and assists.So we definitely need to get them more. But they’re both training well. Kovar is an option out there. Roldan has played out there. But those guys have to be involved in the culmination of our attack as well.”

Midfielder Marco Pappa, who had six goals last season, and obviously none so far this year, agreed.

“We have to shoot more to the goal for sure,” he said. “Maybe it is just the beginning of the season, and I hope that thing gets better. … We can also contribute to scoring goals by making assists from midfield. Of course we always want to score goals – even the defenders scoring goals – it can be good for us.”