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Loss in LA 'probably our best game'? I'd rank it no better than third

No real shame in going to LA and losing by a goal to the Galaxy. But I was surprised how accepting – even upbeat – the Sounders seemed with their performance. Central defender Brad Evans even called it “probably our best game this year.”

I just can't see it. Here's the way I'd grade the Sounders' first five regular season games:

Sounders 3, New England 0: Everything the Sounders might have hoped: two goals from Clint Dempsey, one from Martins, and a clean sheet from what had seemed in preseason to be a questionable defense. Grade: A.

Sounders 2, San Jose 3: The earliest lead in club history should not be blown on home to the Quakes. Three goals should not be conceded at home to the Quakes. Grade: D.

Dallas 0, Sounders 0: MLS' decision to play through an international week rendered both teams almost unrecognizable, and then the visitors couldn't capitalize on 72 minutes of 11-on-10. Grade: Incomplete.

Sounders 1, Houston 0: Seattle has invested heavily in difference-making players, and that paid off here as all that separated the teams was three seconds of brilliance from Martins. Grade B-.

Los Angeles 1, Sounders 0: Largely the anti-Houston result: the Sounders scored there share of style points. But no goals. And while the defense was generally solid, it couldn’t live up to the high bar of absolutely no margin for error. Grade: C.