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Revisiting those 10 Sounders' shots on goal

After hearing so much this week about the Sounders' 10 shots on goal against the Galaxy, I went back to look at each chance, trying to weigh the quality of the opportunity creates and the quality of Jaime Penedo's save, which collectively earned his MLS player of the week honors.

What I saw:

8:44 by Lamar Neagle: Osvaldo Alonso sends a ball to the penalty spot, where Neagle heads it on target and with nice pace. Penedo defelcts it over the bar with his right hand. Good chance, well struck, quality save. Of Penedo's 10 saves, this was the one nominated for MLS save of the week.

9:16 by Chad Marshall: Penedo’s save led to a corner kick. Marco Pappa sent it about 10 yards in front of the far post, where Marshall out-jumped two defenders and sent the header down and on goal, although Penedo needs only a step and a quick punch to save it. Neagle couldn’t quite make contact in trying to bicycle the rebound back to the goal.

13:52 by Obafemi Martins: Brad Evans heads interception in Galaxy’s attacking half, starting a quick Seattle counter from Neagle to Martins in space. Martins tries a move at the top of the box, but the touch is softer than ideal and he tries a weak shot which Penedo goes down and grabs easily with both hands.

20:58 by Neagle: The Sounders work the ball into the box, but can’t find a way to goal. They regroup with a pass outside to Remick, who sends a cross 6 yards in front of the goal. Neagle out-jumps his defender and makes good contact, but his aim is only a couple of feet from Penedo who bats the ball wide.

21:11 by Neagle: After that save, the Galaxy fails to get the ball out of their end. Andy Rose steals it and touches it ahead to Neagle, who hits a low left-footer directly at Penedo.

34:21 by Neagle: Now playing a goal down, the Sounders counter up the middle of the pitch, with Rose again nicely rolling the final pass to Neagle. This time, Neagle cuts behind a defender and makes good contact from the top of the penalty area. However, the ball is located just wide of Penedo’s right shoulder, and he makes the two-handed stop.

52:20 by Andy Rose: Neagle takes the ball down the right side of the box, where about 3 yards from the end line he crosses to Rose who runs onto the ball whacks it from about 4 yards out directly into Penedo, just off the line at the near post.

55:42 by Neagle: Tyrone Mears chips a ball over the Galaxy defense. Neagle gets to it behind his defender at a top corner of the area. He takes it one touch closer and then shoots low to the near post, where Penedo goes down and stops it with his left hand.

72:28 by Martins: Goalkeeper Stefan Frie sends a long kick across midfield. Martins takes the second ball and sends it left to Pappa who returns it to Martins at the penalty arc. Martins turns and fires directly into the Herbalife ad on Penedo’s chest.

86:18 by Aaron Kovar: The Galaxy loses possession at midfield, and the Sounders turn it around quickly from Pappa to Martins to Chad Barrett and finally on to Aaron Kovar in space inside the area. Kovar seems to have trouble tapping the ball into shooting position, and by the time he pulls the trigger, Penedo is close enough on him to smother the shot.

Bottom line: Lots of good chances from the Sounders. Andy Rose in the middle of a lot of them. And of course Neagle on the end of a lot of them. That none went it seemed a mixture of a few nice saves by Penedo and far too many Sounders shots that were on goal but otherwise not dangerously spotted.