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Schmid explains Neagle position, Rose start

Coach Sigi SchmidOn the match…I thought Colorado played very well tonight. I though the first half they really took it to us. We did well by finishing opportunities that we had and they had a couple other chances and some chances to counter, so being up at half, we felt a little fortunate. I thought in the second half, we played much better. I thought they still got around our goal, but their chances were mainly shots from distance, wasn’t that much on goal anymore. We had a couple of good looks in the second half. I thought we got forward really well and sometimes getting chances isn’t necessarily reflected in shots, you are just missing opportunities. Then Oba[femi Martins] scores a fantastic goal to make it 3-1 and we were able to take it from there.

On what defensive adjustments were made for the second half…Defense is two-fold, you’ve got to keep the ball too. I don’t think we did a good job of keeping the ball and as a result of that a lot of their players who don’t like to defend a lot didn’t have to defend at all because we weren’t holding onto the ball enough. I thought in the second half when we held onto the ball more, then all of a sudden Sanchez had to defend more, all of a sudden Ramirez had to defend a little more. We took them out of their offensive positions and made it a little bit easier for us. We also need to make sure that our blocks of four stay together because they do a lot of place changing and movement. We started following people and getting dragged to different spaces, and we kept our blocks of four together, it was harder for them to penetrate us through the middle.

On what worked differently offensively after being shutout…Last week, as in Dallas too when we played there, we had chances to score. Last week we had a ton of chances. I think we had 10 shots on goal, this week we had 9 shots on goal so we are getting opportunities and we are putting them on goal. It’s a funny game, I think we played better as a team probably last week in terms of just possession and movement the ball and creating chances, but we couldn’t finish. This week it was a little less so, but we finished better.

On Lamar Neagle’s game…It was good for him. He can score goals from the wing, he doesn’t have to be up front. I thought he had an uptick game last week up front and he was able to transfer that onto the wing, and you can be goal dangerous from there as well.

On Obafemi Martin’s goal…Fantastic goal. It was a great ball through from Andy Rose and then Oba makes a fantastic move and bends the ball into the corner, so it was a fantastic goal to his skill. I also think in the second half Clint Dempsey is a guy who really came into the game for us more. We had said before the game we’d only try and play him 60 because of his hamstring, but we pushed him close to 70 because he really helped us establish our rhythm in the second half, so it was good.

On winning 5 of past 6 in Colorado and if any adjustments are made because of the altitude…My thing has always been the same since I have been coaching in this league. We try and come into Denver as close to within 24 hours of the game as possible. We try not to be in here too early or anything like that, and I think even going back to the Columbus and Galaxy days I think we had good fortune here as well. It’s important than just to be organized, not to get into a big running game. As we always tell our players, the ball doesn’t sweat, the ball doesn’t pull a cramp, so just let the ball work.

On what kind of difference having the entire first choice lineup available made…It was good, obviously we came back with Andy Rose instead of Pineda in midfield because I thought Andy had a good game in LA and he rewarded us with an assist today. I thought Gonzo Pineda coming in the second half really helped us settle our game a little bit in midfield. His passing was important to us, so it’s always good when you can choose from your entire roster, it makes it easier.

On Stephen Frei’s game…Stephen has been solid, and I think last year, early in the season, a lot of people were saying, hey there was a mistake there or there, but I’ve always believed very strongly in Stephen. I believed in him very strongly from the first time I saw him play as a collegiate player. I actually saw him play before he was a collegiate player, so when we made the trade last year, I always felt he could be a real top quality starting keeper in this league and I think he is showing that this year.

On whether counter attacking was planned before the game or a natural flow of the game…Well, one of the things we wanted to do is, we wanted to go at their defense, because we felt that was something we could get Oba and Clint isolated with the two center backs 2v2. I think Pablo has done a great job getting his team to pressure more in terms of their front and their midfield backs and I think that has really helped their defense because you really haven’t been able to get at their defense. I think when we are able to get at their defense and we can be successful. We didn’t want to counter maybe quite as much as we did, because we didn’t keep enough possession, but certainly we are a team that can counter and when you have those two guys up there, anything is possible.

Forward Lamar NeagleOn getting two goals after not being able to find the net the week before…It’s great to get on the board and to finally get some shots on goal last week and this week actually ended up putting some in.

On what was working differently for the offense this game…I think I was able to get forward some more maybe a mentality change, maybe playing up top got me thinking a little different. I wanted to transition well and play a little bit more offensively on the outside as well and it kind of worked out.

On what he was seeing differently…Just getting back into my momentum. I feel like I was making shots like that last year, so just trying to find that some momentum from last year and build off of it.

On his second goal…I cut inside, saw Pappa so I laid it off to him, kept my run going and he played a great ball. I barely got a touch onto it, hit it straight at the keeper. It bounced back, I think it went off Riley and then around the keeper and just back to me fortunately. I stayed with it and got a little tap in.

Forward Obafemi MartinsOn his goal…I can’t even remember what I did, but Rose gave me a good ball and I don’t know what I was thinking to control the ball facing our goal. I just decided to do something different so I just turned with the ball and placed it. That was one of those goals sometimes where you score a really good goal. I’m glad today that we did well and three points to take home.

On what was different after the shutout loss to LA Galaxy the week before…All the times we play LA it’s one of those tough games and we had a lot of chances and we couldn’t score. LA won and we were thinking of the next game, that’s what we came here to do. We got the three points and we will see how it goes in the next game.

Defender Chad MarshallOn the defense being off in the 1st half…I think they came out and started well. From the very get go they were throwing numbers forward and they interchanged very well and it was, I think, confusing for us at times. It kind of overloaded the midfield and then would spring our outside backs and have a lot of time and space to get crosses in and get shots from distance. We weathered it somehow and got to the second half and played much better and we got out of here with a win.

On what coach Sigi Schmid said to the team at halftime to remedy the problems from the first half…He just wanted us to take care of the ball. When you keep the ball that’s the best defense, because defending right? We just needed to knock the ball around, not try and look for that killer pass right away on the second touch and just knock it around a little bit and make them run and I think we did that better in the second half.

On how big Stephen Frei was...He was huge. Like I’ve said before, carrying off the end of last year and he’s played so well for us. It would have been nice to get him another shutout, but he kept us in this one. For sure he played great.