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Timbers week raises topic of heckling; Frei cites surprising "meanest place" in MLS

"They try to be creative," Schmid said of Portland fans, "and they can continue to try."

Afterward, goalkeeper Stefan Frei also had some interesting things to say on the topic:

"I get it pretty much everywhere because I’m close to the fans," Frei said. "When you know it’s not just another game, the fans are going to be able to have those bragging rights, it gives you that extra edge to maybe push even a little bit further."

On if he appreciates good heckling: You kind of zone it out and just play your game. It’s usually pretty sweet in the end: You win the game and you can just turn around and just pump your fist. They’ve got no response to that: You just won the game and beat them. That’s usually pretty sweet. On if he notices differences in heckling by different MLS markets: There’s certain places where they speak a little German to me, or Swiss/German. Believe it or not, the meanest place has been Salt Lake. I was very surprised with that. I like it. I feed off of it as well. The time it bothers me sometimes is when I warm up, and it isn’t too crowded you can really hear every individual person yelling at you. And I don’t care, but there are little kids around and some people are a little drunk and they’re saying some things they shouldn’t be saying. I guess that’s part of the whole things.

On if he's had any particular issues in San Jose, which Schmid has sometimes cites as crossing the line: I haven’t. Last year I think Chicago fans weren’t happy with me because I was upset that them for throwing bananas and peanuts at me. And then this last game in Colorado, I had a little scuffle with the ball boy. But there’s a lot of emotion that goes on on the pitch. You’re trying to win these games, and (you) try to keep your emotions under control because you don’t want to end up hurting your team for sure.