Sounders Insider

GM calls Morris contract offer a formality; mutual interest remains

"The written contract offer is a formality," Lagerwey said. "… Talks have been ongoing long before I got here, and one of the things we have to do under MLS rules is present a formal written contract to preserve our rights to Jordan. Obviously we want to do that, but it’s not an event in the sense that it changes anything or it’s a different conversation. Jordan has known for a long time that we want to sign him, and Jordan is going to make whatever decision is best for him,

and we’re OK with it. Hopefully at some point Jordan wants to be a Sounders. He’s said he has, and I believe him, and whenever that day comes we’ll be happy to have him."

On if Morris' rising national and international profile changes anything: No. Sincerely, we thought Jordan was a good player three years ago, before he went to Stanford. More people have figured out that Jordan’s a good player, but we got to see Jordan, so we thought that Jordan was a good player a long time ago. I think Jordan has a good relationship with the Sounders – I have nothing to indicate differently. He’s going to make the decision that’s best for him, and we’re going to respect that and hopefully he’s wearing the rave green at some point.

On other topics, Lagerwey also said the club will open CenturyLink Field to it's full capacity for some games later in the season. However, those specific games haven't yet been anounced.

He also said he isn't yet sure of when the 2015 Seattle Seahawks home schedule means for potential playoff dates in November or closely spaced MLS-NFL games in October. However, he repeated that the Seahawks and Sounders have a good relationship and will work together as best they can.