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Porter: 'We played level ... for 90 minutes'

Here's some of what the Timbers had to say tonight after their 1-0 loss in Seattle:

COACH CALEB PORTER On the match:“It was an even game. We played level with that team for 90 minutes. I was pleased with that side of it, but obviously disappointed it didn’t fall for us. Pleased with the performance today. We had four clear chances in the second half and ours didn’t fall then Dempsey finds the goal. That’s the difference. We need to put this behind us and get ready for Vancouver. It hurts now, but hopefully we can get three points next weekend and this will be a distant memory.” On what he saw on Dempsey’s goal:“I have to watch the tape.” On his team’s defensive performance:“It was a very good defensive performance. I thought we managed the game exceptionally well. From the start of the game through the first half and came into the break level, which was the goal. We had nearly 50-percent of the possession, which doesn’t usually happen here against this team who likes the ball. They didn’t have many clear chances and we had the better of the chances in the second half, but we leave empty-handed. It hurts, but we have to put it behind us. We can’t lose energy because these guys fought hard today. They fought really hard today and I was proud of their effort.” On how he felt about the attacking side tonight:“I thought we created enough to score. In a game like this you have to keep it tight. We’re on the road, we’re playing one of the best teams in the league, the Supporters’ Shield winners, two of the best strikers…we had to be organized, and I thought we were. We played a great game and we had, like I said, four clear chances in the second half. Darlington [Nagbe] had a shot top of the box, [Fernando] Adi had a header, [Maximiliano Urruti] had a shot and Gaston [Fernandez] had a shot. Those four chances are better than any chance they had, but we leave empty-handed and that’s football.” On if frustrating nights like this over a 34-game season balance themselves out:“No. No. We’re not frustrated. We’re going to get back to work. We’re not happy with the result, but we’re not going to lose energy. We’re going to keep fighting. Looking forward to next weekend. It’s a long season. With the way the results fell this weekend, we lose a point on a couple teams. That’s it. Though not a lot changes, it’s unfortunate that we couldn’t make up some ground on teams, but we lost a point on a couple teams – that’s it.” On the team’s defensive strategy:“Obviously you have to defend. They’re a really good team. Any time in a soccer game when you play against a really talented team on the road, you have to defend well. If you don’t defend well, then you give up goals and you lose the game. It’s pretty simple. We were very organized and they had very few chances.” On the decision to start Urruti over Adi:“You make decisions every game, right? That’s one of them. That was a decision I made and I thought both strikers did well.” On the mindset in the locker room:“They’re ready to get back to work. Disappointed they didn’t get the result and felt they deserved better. I felt they deserved better. That’s clear. They played good and fell short. We score one of the four chances and the result is different.” On if he saw something in the matchup and as a result started Urruti:“Yeah, I don’t put guys in unless I like the matchup.” MIDFIELDER DARLINGTON NAGBE On having more chances in the second half:“We didn't really do anything different. I think maybe they tried to push the game a little bit more and tried to find that goal and we were able to find little gaps and chances.” On not being able to finish chances:“I’m not too sure. I wish we knew. Maybe it’s something we can work on. I feel like overall in training and other games we finish chances. We had three against Dallas but in this game we were just a little unlucky.” On losing four straight against Seattle:“I’m not to sure what it is about them. I know they don’t feel like it is going to be an easy game when they play us. I know they are still worried in the back of their head when we play that we can beat them so I don’t think it is anything too serious.” On if Seattle has controlled the games against Portland:“No I haven’t ever felt like they own us or are playing better then us or anything like that. They just finished there chances and we didn’t.” GOALKEEPER ADAM KWARASEY On the goal:“It was a throw in and there was an open man in the box and I guess he got a shot and I came down and saved the first shot and I got a weird spin and it was loose and I couldn’t find it and then Dempsey basically was on the line to tap it in.” On the defensive performance:“Yes I thought we played a good game. I mean it’s hard when you lose one-nil and they get a goal like that. It’s been kinda the rhythm or the melody of the season so far. We play well but we can’t kinda score that opening goal and win the games. Instead we end as a draw or we lose. We need to keep working and hopefully the luck will turn.” On the atmosphere:“It was a good atmosphere. It’s nice to play games that matter for people and it was a nice atmosphere and its a shame that we didn’t win and give the fans three points to cheer all the way back to Portland and have a good night.” On the rivalry and how that affected the match:“You could feel the rivalry but I didn’t think it was nasty or an ugly game. I expected it to be a lot more nasty and a lot more challenges but you definitely can feel the tension and rivalry on the pitch. It was nice to experience that. We have them three times this season and they won the first one and hopefully we can win the two next ones.” MIDFIELDER JACK JEWSBURYOn the match:“Yes its disappointing obviously especially with the high amount of emotions that go into a rivalry game. I thought we were very organized defensively and didn’t allow them too many clear cut chances. Unfortunately off a long throw in is the one they get the goal. You are obviously disappointed to not come out of here with at least a tie and I thought we had enough chances on the road. You are not going to get a ton of clear cut ones but I thought we fought and played well enough to possibly get out of here with three.”