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Schmid, Evans believe conversion to CB working

Today -- seven games into the the season -- he spoke with Evans after training, assessing the progress with each seemingly satisfied.

Here's some of what each had to say:

EVANS:On his progress: Sigi just asked me if I’m comfortable, and I think I am feeling a little bit more comfortable. I think I’ll always reference back to one game -- that will be a sticking point. And for whatever reason my mind tends to go there, and I try to say don’t make those mistakes twice. There are still things I need to do better – some glaring points on film – so it’s good to recognize when you need to do better, and obviously I’m willing to put in the work and do what I can do to continue to get more shutouts. ... (Schmid and I) are on the same page.

Good instruction, and good coaches and good guys around me. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but still in a decent spot right now."

SCHMIDOn Evans so far: I think the numbers have been good: We’ve had four shutouts in seven games. Our goals-against I think is the lowest in the league right now. So from that standpoint it’s been OK. I think he’s still learning, he’s still improving. I asked him today how he felt: He feels a lot more comfortable at the position. So I’m happy with it. There are still more tests to come, and there will probably still be a mistake or two to come as well. Right now I think he’s doing more things right than wrong, and I think his anticipation, his reading a play, has also improved from the back.