Sounders Insider

Sounders prepare for smaller field in New York

The Sounders trained at Starfire today, between cones to narrow and shorten the field into something more like what they will face Sunday at Yankee Stadium.

"It just makes the game a little more of a bang-bang game," coach Sigi Schmid explained. "It allows you to press a little bit more, which they like to do at their home field. The field’s also short. We wanted to just get our guys used to the tighter confines. … It’s still going to take some time for them to adjust when they actually get on the field, because you don’t get to practice on the field beforehand. But I think the adjustment will come and today was just a little taste of it."

Central defender Chad Marshall said: "It's kind of similar to how San Jose used to be back in the day: tight field, chaotic, you've got to be focused at all times because the ball can change ends really quickly. ... They want us to be wide, make the field as wide as you can -- not make it all down the middle and make it tough for Clint and Oba. Just about still using whatever width we can get."