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Schmid praises Dempsey, Oba, defense ... and even thought Yankee Stadium pitch was OK

On coming back after New York equalized: Our team’s got great character, and obviously you have great players up front in Obafemi and Clint. They can always conjure up a goal Once they equalized the game we dug a little deeper. I thought our defending was pretty resolute the whole game. We bent at times, but we were pretty solid.

On Obafemi Martins: He’s playing very well. Obviously now he’s going into sort of his third year for us. The guys have a better understanding of when he’s going to show The timing of the through ball from Pappa on that first goal was great.

On Martins and Dempsey: Nothing surprises me with those two guys. I see them at practice all the time, and they’re able to conjure up magical stuff. They’re unique and special, and we’re happy to have them on our team.

On team form: I think we’re getting better and better. Some young players are stepping in as well. I think Stefan Frei has been great in goal for us. … I think Evans is getting better and better at center back. I thought today was probably his best game at center back. And I think Dylan Remick has stepped up as a left back and is really jumping up as well. Andy Rose is starting to get some significant minutes this year. He had a good game. On the Yankee Stadium pitch: It takes you a while to get used to it. It’s not so much the size of the field as it is when a baseball field gets laid out, when you’re standing out there you almost don’t think the 18-yard line is parallel to the sideline. … It takes you a while to get used to those angles a little bit. I think even the linesman missed an offside call when he called offside on us when I don’t think we were offside, because he’s looking across at a different angle. … But I thought the field played well. The grass was a little bit long, a little bit heavy -- slow that way -- but overall it played all right.