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Dempsey, Martins talk about win in New York

MARTINS:This is how we play. We already know when we’re coming down here that the game is going to be difficult, so we did our part. .. I’m glad that I scored, and that he scored too.

DEMPSEY:On small Yankee Stadium pitch: You don’t have as much time and space on the ball. We struggled a little bit with that in the first half. But they weren’t able to keep that intensity for the first 90, and eventually spaces were created. People get tired or get pulled out of position, and if you give our players time and space on the ball, we make it count.

I thought New York played really well, first half. I thought the game opened up in the second half and when some of our players had time and space on the ball we were able to make things happen, and I think you could see it with the goals that were created.

On playing with Martins: We work well together. We rely on each other to create chances for each other, and the movement off the ball that we had, and being able to connect passes and put each other in good position to get goals. … I think the more touches that me and Oba get in a game and the more looks that we can combine with each other: Good things happen.

On back-heeled assist on final goal: I could see him in my peripheral that if I was able to get a good ball to him that he would be in. I couldn’t’ have hit a better ball to him. Just with his pace and his movement you’ve just got to put the ball out in front of him and you’ll always have a chance. When he gets in those positions he doesn’t miss often.