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Sounders traveling today ... partly by choice

In the midst of a three-game road run -- and a stretch of five road games over a six-game stretch -- the club considered staying out East rather than fly from New York to Sea-Tac today, then Sea-Tac back out East to Columbus for the weekend.

"We thought about it," coach Sigi Schmid said. "But the thing is it doesn’t really work to stay in New York because just getting to the training facility is very inconvenient. So that would have put us into Columbus on Monday. We would have been in Columbus for the whole week, it would have been a whole different training rhythm and everything else. Talking to the guys, being able to come home Monday night and they get Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at home in their own beds, we thought that was worth while."

More from Schmid and captain Brad Evans on the travel:

SCHMID: "Columbus might be a little more difficult because you come back and then you have to go again. Certainly we have to endure on the road, and we have to be successful on the road. We’ve been a good team on the road. Our philosophy doesn’t change much in terms or how we play. ... We know we’ve got to play 17 road games eventually, so we might as well bring them on."

EVANS: "I think we’ve done a good job in the past of being a well-prepared team and a well-traveled team too go into hostile environments, crisscross the country and get results. And so whenever you have that confidence going back east or even south for Champions League – whatever it may be – those are all experiences we can use to not be overconfident but to know, OK this is a team that can get some results on the road. We’ve got nine points available. We’ll obviously want to take all nine. We’ve got to be smart in certain situations. We’ll do a little bit of crisscrossing and the third one is just Vancouver, so that’s a little less travel. ... There will be a little wear and tear on guys. You might see a different group for the games, but the mentality stays the same."