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Schmid: Higher MLS ambitions call for higher cap

Coach Sigi Schmid what rules could be meaningful and especially if a big-market club like the Sounders wished the salary cap (around $3.5 million, up from around $3.1 million) had gone up higher than it did.

Schmid's response:

Obviously that was part of a negotiation and everything else. So cap-wise, those are decisions that the Competition Committee makes in conjunction with their negotiations with the union. I think for the growth of the league the cap needs to grow. Is it growing fast enough?

I don’t know. Sometimes there’s different mechanisms that affect the cap: allocation dollars and things like that. That’s technically not part of the salary cap, but if somebody gives you a half million in allocation, effectively he’s raised you cap by a half million. So you know if you’re a new team coming into the league, you’re going to get allocation money. If you don’t make the playoffs you’re going to get allocation money. So there are mechanisms that do raise the cap and make it more palatable. But I do think our league is growing. I think everybody wants to make sure that it doesn’t get to a stage where it becomes a situation where owners don’t want to invest anymore, or buy franchises. That’s not the stage we’re at. We’re having people that are interested and eager to come into our league, and that’s important. But we also need, if we want to achieve the things of becoming the Champions League champion in our region, becoming the dominant league in our region, becoming one of the world’s top leagues: yeah, the caps going to have to expand at a rate that – there are smarter people looking at that then me, probably.