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Schmid disappointed, but says team played well

Disappointed. I thought we played well. We were fortunate: Stefan Frei came up with some good saves. I thought we were a step slow, a little bit. Maybe the travel two weekends in a row going coast to coast made it a little bit tough. But we werein the game: came back and made it 3-2. We were in the game. We were looking for the 3-3: We were in the doorstep for that a couple of times. We had to open ourselves up a little more defensively to try to accomplish that. So, I’m not disappointed with the effort, but it is what it is.

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On Vancouver next: We’ve just got to get our legs back about us, get some good regen, get some good training in. At least we’re staying on the west coast for the next trip, even though it’s an away game so that helps us: We don’t have to get on an airplane.

On Dempsey's two goals: It’s good, but I’m sure Clint would trade his two goals for a win. We stayed in the game, we got back in the game … we gave them the lead again. The second goal – the goal Higuain scores – we didn’t defend that well at all. We didn’t step up, and that was the goal that sort of broke out back a little bit. That was early in the second half and then everything you talk about at halftime goes out the window. But we’ll be OK, we’ll survive, we’ll fight another day.

On possible changes for Vancouver: We’re all right. We’re a good road team. We’re 2-2-1 on the road, and I don’t think there are many teams that have that kind of record on the road.

On the defense tonight: We gave them too much space. Might have got the tactics wrong a little bit, and that’s on me. So that’s something that I’ve already thought about and if we play them again maybe how we play them a little differently. We made a decision to play one way, and that was maybe not the right decision. But on the same token, sometimes we were in position but we were just a step slow.