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Martins doubtful for Whitecaps, who say Sounders dangerous anyway

Meanwhile, Whitecaps coach Carl Robinson stressed that the Sounders are deep and dangerous, regardless of who lines up at forward.

"They’ve got a fantastic group of players," Robinson said. "If Chad comes in or Neagle goes and plays up top, they’ve got some fantastic players who don’t play regularly. We’ll have to deal with it. It’ll make it tougher, because players who aren’t playing regularly step into the team, they’ve got a point to prove because they want minutes. It’s going to be difficult whether Martins plays or he doesn’t."

On five-game unbeaten run against Seattle: It doesn’t change (our approach) whatsoever for me. We’re still the underdogs. We’ve got off to a decent start, and we sit above them at the moment in the standings, but it makes no difference. We know they’re a fantastic club, they’ve got a fantastic manager in charge, they’ve been in the playoffs seven years. Whichever way people want to spin it, we’re still the underdog, and we’ll take it.

On why Whitecaps have had success against Sounders: We’ve obviously been a little bit better than then when we’ve crossed that line. Sometimes in certain matchups you do match up well against certain teams. In the last couple of games we have matched up well against Seattle, but it doesn’t matter now. It’s about what’s gone in the past unfortunately. And it’s about what’s ahead. And they’re a good team. You look at the spine of their team with Stefan in goal, Chad and Brad centerbacks, Ozzie and Pineda at midfield and Clint and Oba up top. It’s as strong as anything in the league. And we’re just lucky – I’m lucky – that we’ve got a strong spine as well with a young group of players.

On Dempsey and Martins accounting for 13 of Seattle's 15 goals: They’re arguably the best pair in the league at the moment. Their output speaks for itself.

On the rivalry: It’s another game for us. Obviously it’s a big game for bragging rights, as fans put it. We managed to retain their Cascadia Cup last season, which is great for them. We’ll try to do the same for them this year. But it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And we’ve got off to a decent start. Seattle has a couple of games in hand, so they’ve got off to a decent start as well.