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Rosales: Cascadia rivalries top Canadian

1000px-Flag_of_Cascadia_400x400Veteran midfielder Mauro Rosales has seen the Cascadia Cup from a couple of angles: first through three seasons with Seattle, and now in his second season in Vancouver.

He said the rivalry is as big in Vancouver as it is south of the Peace Arch, and that games with the Sounders are bigger deals than even games against fellow-Canadians FC Toronto and Montreal Impact.

On the Cascadia Cup: We had the opportunity to win it last year, actually on Seattle’s field. And it feels very good. Here we are building a team that is getting stronger and stronger every game. We’re showing very, very good things. We work very hard in the preseason to become the team that we are, but we always know that we can learn more and more.

On the Whitecaps' top rivalry: I think that kind of rivalry that is in the Northwest between Portland and Seattle and Vancouver got more strong than the (Canadian) teams we are playing. They’re from the other conference, they we don’t play much throughout the year. We are facing each other six times with Portland and Seattle. We love that rivalry that is in the Northwest, and playing that is one of the most exciting games. Playing here, playing in Portland, playing in Seattle: It’s always very fun: fun to watch, fun to play. We enjoy it every time we are playing this Cascadia Cup.