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Schmid: 'Team played very well tactically'

[caption id="attachment_50565" align="alignleft" width="200"] Schmid Schmid[/caption]Here's some of what Sounders coach Sigi Schmid had to say today after Seattle's 2-0 win at Vancouver: (On the result…) “We are pleased, we are obviously very pleased with the result. I thought the team played very well tactically…I was really pleased, and obviously we had some timely finishing from Chad Barrett.” (On Chad Barrett..) “Chad is a forward, he has scored goals in this league, he is part of our team, and scored goals for us last year. We talked about it, ‘Hey here is your chance, you have to make the best of your opportunity, just focus on the game…’ He finished both of his chances really well.”

(On deciding to start Barrett…) “We knew that Oba might be out, so I made that decision on Wednesday.”

(On Brad Evans…) “I thought Brad was good, I thought the whole defense was good. Tyrone Mears has been solid for us… Dylan Remick I thought did well, and Osvaldo Alonso, sitting in that gap, makes us better defensively. I know we gave away more shots than we had, I know they had more shots, but so many of their shots were from distance and weren’t very troublesome. It’s good for the stats, but not dangerous.” (On the game plan…) We talked about dropping our line, we talked about establishing our line of confrontation a little bit further back… I thought we did that very well.” (On finishing three road matches…) “I think we can through well. You have to play three games the road, and it’s tough to win three games in a row on the road. We won two out of three and won both in conference—if you’re going to drop one, it’s better to drop one out of conference. I am pleased. We have a tough stretch next week. I know it’s three at home, but it’s three games in a week. It will be a little bit of work, but that means we have to rely on our whole team as well.”