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Hanauer: 'We heard people loud and clear'

Screw up," he said. "My decision. Every decision we make is sort of a financial calculation: How much does this cost, what are the benefits? We didn’t broadcast or live stream the Xolos game: It seemed to go fine. I think sort of maybe reflective of that decided on this Open Cup game maybe not to spend the money, because it’s not insignificant to go a quality stream. In retrospect, we heard people loud and clear that they would have liked to have that game on, and probably should have done it. So we will going forward: Problem solved."

Hanauer on S2's acceptance with fans so far: You always hope you’re going to sell out every game, every single ticket. We knew this was going to be a challenge, and it wouldn’t be a turn-on-the-light-and-everybody-shows-up type of deal. We know that because we had a USL team for a lot of years that we really, really had to work hard to get some exposure and move the needle on butts on seats. So it’s probably about what we expected, maybe not what we hoped for. And we’re certainly not satisfied, and we’re going to work hard to continue to try to build it. On the positive side, on the field, games like last night – sorry some people weren’t able to watch it online – was a fantastic game, a great exercise, some of our young players getting just invaluable minutes against men. … We had seven or eight players under 19 … a bunch. Just unbelievable experience for those guys. And to lose the lead and then have to fight and battle. From a soccer standpoint, just fantastic. But it’s a tough business: Minor league sports, major league city. … It’s a tough sell.

Hanauer on opening all of CenturyLink Field for some MLS matches: We’re selling a four-game pack. I think we’re calling it four-plus-one. So it’s Portland, it’s Vancouver, it’s Galaxy and RSL at the end of the season, plus Manchester United (vs. Club America). We’re hoping to average 60,000-plus for those four games.