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Schmid on juggling S1, S2, players, competitions

Sounders FC coach Sigi Schmid talked a bit today about juggling the first-team and S2 rosters, through U.S. Open Cup and their respective league competitions.

Open Cup rules mandate that once a player is one one team's 18-man roster -- such as Victor Mansaray last night with S2 -- he can't jump to the other team at any point in the tournament.

"There were a few guys that we needed to play for their team as well," Schmid said. "We can’t play everybody with us. By the time we enter the competition, sometimes there’s one game. Sometimes depending on the draw we have two games that are against non-MLS opposition. So we figured that for (Mansaray) to be able to get three games in with S2 would be better with S2 for his development, so that was the reason we let him continue to play there.

On the value of meaningful S2 games compared to the previous MLS reserve league: The competition, the meaningfulness of the games, that’s great. For a player like Damion Lowe who really, because of his injuries last year, has gone a year-plus without playing games. For him to be constantly be put into meaningful games is going to just accelerate his development. It’s important for a player like Victor, as well. Those games are at a higher level than playing in the academy league. They’re not at our level, but yes, they’re at a higher level. But the thing that’s good about it is just the meaningfulness of it, and the intensity that’s attached to the game.

On S2 goalkeeper Charlie Lyon being kept out of its 18 last night: was a little more of a tricky one because we didn’t want to get into a situation where if one of our two goalkeepers got hurt then all of a sudden we have to bring a league goalkeeper in as our third one when we’re going into Open Cup games and stuff like that. So we wanted to keep Charlie available to us. Maybe as we move forward or they move forward we will change that decision as we go into the next round.

On first-team No. 2 keeper Troy Perkins not getting game minutes with either team: We’ve talked about that. Obviously Open Cup is coming up around the corner. And we’ve also talked about him maybe dropping down and picking up a game here or there with S2. That’s just something with the timing of the games right now it just hasn’t worked, because they’re always playing the day before us or something like that, or they’re on the road and we’re at home, or we’re at home and they’re on the road. We’re just trying to look for the right time. We’ve looked at a certain date that works for us. So if he hasn’t gotten any minutes with us he might be dropping into an S2 game soon.

Schmid admitted that wont' be next week, when S2 plays Timbers 2 in an Open Cup match at 1 p.m. Wednesday at Starfire and the MLS team meets the Colorado Rapids six hours later at CenturyLink Field.