Sounders Insider

Schmid disappointed with tie at home

Opening Statement:“Obviously, we are disappointed with the tie at home, we always want to win when we are at home. I thought we had more possession—they certainly played deeper. Right from the beginning of the game they were trying to kill the game when they were taking 25, 30 seconds for every goal kick. We needed to move our play forward… and put a little more pressure on them. In the second half, we had really clean looks—(Lamar) Neagle really early on and the one by (Chad) Barrett. In a game like this you’re not really going to get 10 or 15 chances, maybe you will get one or two and you need to finish them when you can. That didn’t fall for us today.”

On finding space from the back: “There’s still time. We are a little late sometimes switching the point of attack when those things are open. We found Dylan (Remick) open a couple of times, but didn’t really find Tyrone (Mears) and there were opportunities for him to get in behind, that’s got to come in a little quicker. When a team drops off the way Kansas City did, and then Gonzo (Pineda) and Ozzie (Alonso) are that deep, they are doing a job that only really center backs can do at that point, and that’s why we need to push it forward. We are still working on that, and you still need that final cohesion. Where (Marco) Pappa gave us a lot of that in Vancouver, he ended up dropping deeper because they were so dropped in so he was looking for space. We need to get comfortable finding space even where it’s crowded.” On Gonzalo Pineda’s injury: “It’s an ankle, we will see. I think that ankle has been sprained off and on.” On the combination play of the forwards: “Obviously, that’s something Clint (Dempsey) and (Obafemi Martins) have been able to do in the past—you combine in games where it’s tight and in tough situations like that. It’s a little bit of a different dynamic with Chad. There’s some things we gain and there’s some things we lose. Oba didn’t play today, so it didn’t matter.” On the performance of the substitutes: “It was OK. (Cristian) Roldan got caught a little bit—I thought he did alright. I thought he got caught because (Jair) Marrufo, if there’s no blood or bone sticking out, generally doesn’t blow the whistle, so he got caught there expecting a foul in the middle of the field and that almost cost us. Darwin (Jones) obviously has speed and presents that danger to an opponent, so we felt those were the options were the best to come on at that time because they are more offensive players and they could provide us something. Darwin’s stint was sort of short so it’s tough to completely evaluate it.” On Stefan Frei’s big save after little action:“It’s the hardest thing. It’s the hardest thing—it’s easy to be a goalkeeper when the other team is peppering you with shots, and you’re diving right, you’re diving left and your focus is there. When you’re sitting in goal and you’re not really seeing much of anything, now all of a sudden you’re called upon to make a big save. I think that’s what separates very, very good goalkeepers from the rest of the pack. Today he showed he is a very good goalkeeper.” On executing long passes: “Yeah, we’ve been practicing the long passes—that is something we’ve been working on, and I thought it was good. As a team, we need to do that just a little bit better and a tad bit quicker. Certainly, that is an important part of our attack as we get into position.”