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Evans, Barrett expected SKC caution

Defender BRAD EVANSOn the Kansas City lineup:“With a quick turnaround travelling cross-country, you’re on turf, I think it’s expected that you’re going to see a mixed lineup and then a late scratch in Dom so they’ve got to move around guys at the last minute. So, they did really play any different formation wise, just a matter of where their line was drawn on the field. They still played with Nemeth as the point guy and Jacob kind of pressing on the left until he got injured so not too much change, just where their lineup ?compultation was so that made it difficult for us. But even saying that I thought we created chances, tested the keeper a couple times, a couple good crosses from Dylan and Tyrone but just couldn’t get the goal.”

On the balance between possession and being aggressive: “I think tonight was a little bit of a game of cat and mouse. If we go too much I think they probably catch us on the counter-attack. That’s kind of the MO when a team comes in and sits back; they want to catch you on a counter-attack. I though we had a good balance of being safe and keeping possession but also creating what I thought was a number of chances that we could have got something out of. I think if you talk to the strikers they would say the same. They didn’t get as many chances as they wanted but maybe one or two that could have changed the game. Defensively we were solid but finding that balance of when to go and when not to go was OK tonight.” Forward CHAD BARRETTOn the match:“They kind of just packed it in. Most teams come in here and do that anyway. I think with their game on Wednesday and the fact that they had so many injuries they only had one choice and that was to sit in. We pretty much had a full team on a full week’s rest and they pretty much did exactly what they came in here for. We had some chances; I had some chances I wish I could have back but ultimately we didn’t get as many chances as we wanted to because they had 10-11 guys behind the ball every time and they were just going for a counter attack goal. We were solid in the back; we didn’t fall asleep. There were a couple times – Stefan had to make a great save there at the end. We wish we could have had a couple of those chances back.” On what they needed to break through and score:“Just a little bit of luck I guess. Something to fall – there was that one that went through Dempsey’s legs on that header from me and that really never happens. It was just one of those nights when we couldn’t find the net and we’ve been doing a good job, scoring a lot of goals. Not many times we’re getting held to zero but you can’t score every single game. It’s unfortunate we didn’t score at home in front of our fans to get the win that we wanted to after such a good road-stand but we’re going to work on it. We’ve got two games to get six points and seven out of nine is still good but we’ve got to win the next one to get to four points and then we’ll worry about the next one.” Rookie forward DARWIN JONESOn making his home debut:“It was kind of intense but I just had to bring some energy. That’s what Sigi’s focus for me was, to come out there and bring energy to bring up the level of play maybe a little bit so I tried to do that.” On appearing in two straight games:“It feels good to make two appearances but that’s not the end of it. I’ve got to keep working hard and hopefully get some more time.” On growing up watching the Sounders as a fan:“Yeah, it was a thing that my club team used to do. We used to come and watch the USL team play a lot so once they made it to MLS it was a goal for me [to play for the Sounders] so I’m happy.”