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Schmid: 'I was extremely proud of them'

"I just want to start by saying how extremely proud I am of our team: third game in eight days, playing against a good team that’s fresh, just the mental fortitude or the mental toughness that they showed today. Going down a goal on one of those things that was like a miscue, popping up in the air, one of those strange goals. For our team to show the resiliency, to battle back, to win it in injury time, just speaks a lot about the team’s character. Being able to put in the effort that they put in today, I was extremely proud of them."

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On whether it was Clint Dempsey or Chad Barrett scoring the late goal: “He’s going to talk to Dempsey about it, I am not. Those guys can deal with that. I know the ball went into the back of the net.” On Brad Evans’ calf injury:“It was a great tackle on Bradley Wright-Phillips in the box, and on that tackle, he got kicked in the calf a little bit, and last year he had a calf injury. It was starting to tighten up on him…He’s played well for us back there, so we pulled him out. Obviously, we feel like we have a very capable player back there in Zach Scott, who has been in these situations before.“ On Dempsey and Martins not scoring a goal:“When they were scoring you were saying, ‘You guys are the only ones scoring, so what’s up?’ We wanted our team to get goals, and for those guys to be involved in goals. Oba had an assist today on Marco [Pappa’s] goal and Dempsey didn’t get the goal but had an assist. There are very few people who could put that ball on frame with their left foot while going away from goal. That’s an extremely talented skill level he has. He has played a lot of minutes this week. For me, no, I am not concerned about that. I didn’t think our game was 100-percent sharp today, and a lot that was just fatigue and having our third game and playing against a good team, a team that pressed us. I thought over that things were good.” On the conversation at halftime in the locker room:“At halftime we talked a little bit about going more direct…we felt we could get behind them on the flanks…We moved them side to side, but once we moved them side-to-side we didn’t go forward at the right moment, and just trying to find the right moments. I think they also fatigued a little bit in the second half, so their pressure wasn’t as good up high, so that gave us a little more ability to come out of the back. At the end it also came down to individuals making plays.” On Marco Pappa:“I know he was mad at me at one point because he thought I took him out a little too early, but I told him, ‘If you do what I am looking for you to do, you’re not going to get pulled out.’ Today he felt he rolled his ankle a little bit, so he has to come out at the end. He is a player who is very talented. Sometimes I want him to be higher up on the field to expose his talents and getting in. He is doing that better. He is getting more touches in the opponent’s end of the field…and that’s what we look for. Now he’s got a couple of goals, I think he already has a career-high in assists, and we need him to continue to play that way.” On Cristian Roldan:“Well I think Roldan was getting tired, so we needed to make that change. He was giving us really good energy. I think Cristian played really well in the first half, especially the first 30 minutes. Lamar is a guy who has always been in our starting lineup or very close to it, so he was a guy who we came with. We talked with Lamar about getting behind them, because felt he had the pace to get behind them on that side. Mears was fighting on a couple of balls and got in behind and did well.” On being out-fouled suffering 19 fouls to New York’s nine:“It’s a product of their pressing style, but it is also that school of soccer where [Jesse] Marsch comes from: you commit tackles and fouls in the midfield to slow the opponent down. You look at a lot of tactical calls in the midfield that were called. There was one happened in almost our end of the field and the referee doesn’t yellow card the guy, but it is like if he didn’t foul that guy it is three vs. three, and their ability recognize that. Part of it is their aggressive style as far as pressing, but part of it is their awareness of doing those kind of fouls to make sure the game slows down at the right time. Their style – D.C. United is very similar in that regard, Sporting KC is very similar in that regard.” On going 2-0-1 on the homestretch:“We are a strong group and we are resilient. Fitness-wise, I think we are alright. When I watched Colorado’s game yesterday, and their effort in their third game in seven days, it was one-day less than us, and I looked at our group today, I was really pleased with our mentality and our fitness level. That’s part of it. We know we are going to face these stretches because of Open Cup and Champions League. We have to be prepared. Obviously, if all hands are on deck and [Gonzalo] Pineda is healthy, there is still rotation that can be done there.” On Dempsey not joining USMNT in Holland:“Clint’s wife is pregnant, she is due. The decision there from U.S. Soccer and Jurgen [Klinsmann] was to stay closer [to home]. It’s tougher to fly back from Amsterdam if you’re wife is going to deliver. That’s his reasoning there, that’s the reason he didn’t get called in. It’s great. The game they are playing in Holland is outside of the FIFA date, so if they were to play those games in the FIFA date we would have missed them on the 13th of June, so we will miss them on the 6th but have them back for the 13th.”