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Sounders react to first come-from-behind win

FORWARD CHAD BARRETT On the game-winning goal:“I mean I got my toe on it. I got what I wanted to on it. The whole reason why I wanted to get my toe and didn’t head it is I wasn’t sure. And at the last second as the ball is coming across I can kind of see it’s going in. As a forward I can tell when it’s going in and when it’s not, but there’s that chance where it might hit the post or someone might be on the other side of me I’m not too sure of so I just did it to make sure we got the three points. I knew I was onside but it was going in anyways.”

On the team’s character:“You always want to win when you play at home. It doesn’t matter if you have three games in a stretch or three games spanned out over three weeks. You want to make sure you take all the points that you can at home. We started the week off rough against KC, we left it until late today but the important thing is that we took seven out of nine points on our homestand and that’s a really good homestand.” On coming from behind to get a result for the first time this season:“I didn’t know that but that was something we did early on last year where really it helped us out and was kind of a character-builder of this team…It’s always good to do it to know that you can in the games that follow.” DEFENDER BRAD EVANS On coming out after the hard tackle in the box:“I just wanted to be smart. I didn’t want a repeat of last year. I feel okay.”

On the gritty, late win:“I think over the course of the year you’re going to win games differently. Tonight was one where we waited until the last minute and you come from behind also. I think it says a lot we can win different ways. Some games we can possess and really have the better end of play and come out with an easy 1-0 victory, but tonight it was a team that made you work for it and it’s a very good team. In saying that, I am happy we can win in different ways.”

On the locker room talk at halftime:“They were 1-0 up, so for us we had to push the envelope a little bit. Coming out with a good tempo, finding the corners – we were able to stretch them…We were able to keep good possession in their half and get some good crosses. At that point we made it 1-1, but they still wanted to play and they still wanted to attack, and they still wanted to come out with a win. We will take that. We are a counterattacking team and in the last minute we found ourselves with a goal.”

GOALKEEPER STEFAN FREIOn New York’s goal: “First of all, we may have got caught off-guard a little with that ball behind, then scrambling to make sure Bradley Wright-Phillips or whoever it was doesn’t get to the ball, then it’s an unfortunate hand ball. They had some set play figured out there with the way they played the ball over…I didn’t really see the ball that well, so I wanted to make sure I covered my side. If he was going to beat the wall and go far side, that was going to take some skill. We probably just need to follow-up a little better, the way they did, to help out with second balls. We knew we were going to get scored on at some point, and I’m really happy we were able to get the win. That’s the important part.” On RBNY’s aggressiveness:“They tried to play their game. I think if you’re trying to be proactive about creating something and playing your game and getting something out of the game, that’s the way to go whether you’re home or away. I give them props for that, but we were able to again focus on ourselves and the way we wanted to build out of the back and then carve ourselves some chances. We left it a bit late, but we were able to find the back of the net, which is great.”