Sounders Insider

All options open as hours tick down to SuperDraft

I was speaking with Sounders FC general manager Adrian Hanauer exactly 50 hours before the MLS SuperDraft begins at 11 a.m. Thursday.

As we spoke, over the phone I could hear a soccer game going on at the combine, where this season's No. 1 pick is likely playing.

That pick is the property of the Sounders, although they haven't yet decided on whether to use that pick or trade it.

Here's Hanauer's thinking as of now:

Use the pick or trade it?

"We're still open to any possibility. I think the one thing we're clear on are any of the players that we might like or might pass on. But we're still open to all sorts of creative opportunities."

Are you seeing talent at the combine that lines up nicely with your areas of need?

"There's talent at every position here. We still need quality at depth at effectively every position. It helps for our decision-making that we don't need only one position, so we're able to think about it a little more open-minded. There is no one position and corresponding player that makes this a no-brainer for us."

How will the organization use these remaining two days leading to the draft?

"We'll have our draft board of players that we would like to take. We'll continue to fine-tune that over the next day, day and a half. At the same time, everything is in motion because there are teams continually jockeying and proposing trades. So we'll sort of weave those two things together, and if there's a trade to be done it will be because we think we're more likely to get players that we covet."

If you hold on to the pick, and you decided on your guy?

"We have a fairly clear idea of what we want to do."