Sounders Insider

FC fitness coach a healthy step toward elite club

The Sounders' naming of David Tenney as firness coach this week wasn't the kind of announcement that sets hearts racing -- like the signing of a player or naming or a coach or unveiling of a kit.

However, FC clearly sees this hiring as one more step along a road that will make them one of the elite soccer clubs of MLS, and beyond.

I spoke to technical director Chris Henderson just before Tennery was hired, and the guy is clearly going to do more than wrap ankles.

"I think you have to balance their training ... and that's where the fitness coach is so key," Henderson said. "Each player will have heart-rate monitors every day. We'll measure the exertion rates. There's a formula where you can tell if you're over training or players are under traiing, and if you can keep them in that range, you're going to get the most out of them over the 10 months. It's amazing the science behind what goes into it. Just spending the time around the Seahawks this year, we've picked so much up from them. Even though it's a different sport, just the ideas of where it could go and the details that go into it – I think more MLS teams should go into the details because in the end I think that's what's going to make you an elite club."

Here's the hiring announcement from the Sounders website.