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Sounders get time off (Schmid takes in UW-UCLA)

Sounders FC coach Sigi Schmid canceled practice for today, giving the Sounders a weekend off before reporting back on Monday.

"Early in the week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we're going to get some testing done as well," Schmid said. "Part of testing is to establish their heart rates and so forth. So from a standpoint of fitness, we can get all the numbers and start to compile those things. It will start Monday with obviously the big beat test, which none of the guys like, but is something we got to do. And there will be some other testing, and we'll train. It will be a combination of testing and training in the early part of the week. Then we'll push in the training full again at the end of the week. We'll keep it at one-a-days until we go down to Ventura (Calif.)."

(Schmid, by the way, used part of his day off to take in the UCLA basketball game at UW. He was shown on the video board and introduced during the second half. Schmid was previouly the Bruins soccer coach.)

Without much more Sounders news expected this weekend (except maybe a personnel addition or subtraction), I'd really appreciate hearing from some of you. I get the internal numbers of views of this blog, and every bit as many folks are reading this blog as my UW basketball blog. Yet the basketball readers are offering far more comments.

I think it's in everyone's interest for this blog to become an interactive thing. So please step right up and share your thoughts on how the first week of training has gone, how you like the current shape of the roster, or the kinds of questions or stories you'd like to see me pursue in my Sounders coverage. Etc. No limits. Just keep it clean enough where I don't have to pull out the yellow card.