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Schmid: Day Two 'a little bit better'

I mentioned in the post below that I neglected to take my recorder to today's Sounders' practice, so I had to paraphrase the folks I talked to.

Now the Sounders have ridden to the rescue with a transcript of our interview with coach Sigi Schmid.

Here's his overview on his team's second practice:

"Each day you see a little bit more. You see more from players. Day one was a lot of energy, a lot of excitement. So today was a little bit better. Everybody has calmed down, and you start seeing peoples habits come out. That's what you're looking for. Tomorrow will probably be a little bit bigger. Play some 11 v 11. We'll have a look at them in that setting. We'll have three days now. We've seen them with possession. Day two, today, we want to see them with goals in tight. See what there reactions were in transition, and how quickly they reacted to things. Tomorrow, we'll make it bigger and see them 11 v 11."