Sounders Insider

Sounders day two … paraphrased

The Sounders have just completed their second day of practice. And while it's a young team, I'm the one who made the rookie mistake today … leaving my recorder at home.

Therefore, you'll notice an absence of quotation marks in today's report.

Coach Sigi Schmid said every day he learns a little bit more about his team. Today, some of that learning came in a five-on-five drill with the goals pulled in tight. The point of that was to watch the players making quick decisions in tight space.

Kasey Keller was part of that drill – with Chris Eylander at the other end. Keller made some nice saves and also made his presence known vocally. Schmid said he appreciated that Keller was demanding but not demeaning.

We also got a few minutes with Fredy – yes, one 'd' – Montero, the young but apparently highly skilled forward from Colombia. He doesn't speak English yet, but Schmid was impressed that when he – Schmid – commented "Well done," while watching a nice play, he noticed Montero repeat, "Well done."

Finally, I also got a few minutes with Jordan Jennings, the Tacoma Tide keeper who was invited in at the suggestion of keeper coach Tom Dutra. Jennings says this is obviously a step up in competition level. But he says he's not just here for a first taste of the big leagues … he's here to make the team.